"Floral Fantasy"

Wilton Wedding Cake Gallery

This is one of many beautiful cakes in this gallery of awesome photos. This dramatic cake consists of a stacked cake and a top layer raised by dramatic columns. Fill under the center layers with a lavish display of flowers or with a wedding cake fountain as shown.

If you plan to have a heavy cake topper, be sure your designer puts a supportive plate on the top layer. Otherwise, you may come to the reception and find your topper sinking!

The cake as shown below serves 156. As this design is out of an older Wilton book, Wilton Bridal Cakes, you may have to substitute any decorative components that have been discontinued. But don't worry - Wilton always makes it possible to duplicate a very similar look to all the cakes they make.

Photos courtesy Wilton. All rights reserved.

Please note that many of the cakes pictured on this site are Wilton - and they are an active company that frequently change the availability of their equipment - including tiered columns and cake kits. You may achieve a SIMILAR look, but you may have to substitute if the exact products pictured above are no longer available.

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