Floral Craft Supplies
Florist Snips

Floral craft supplies are not complete without a quality pair of florist snips. These precision tools are of the highest quality and part of the OASIS® Design Tools set.

Think of snips as a heavier duty pair of scissors - able to cut through a bunch of flower stems with ease. In fact, in the flower shop where I worked, we usually refer to these as "bunch cutters".

Want to learn how to correctly process bulk flowers? Be sure to check out my step-by-step photo instructions. It's important to use some basic floral care products to ensure the flowers last. Although florists buy these same products in large quantities, I offer them in more convenient sizes for brides and event planners. This way you can actually buy what you need without wasting too much.

Be sure to cut your flowers under water so that the "first gulp" a stem takes up the stalk is water - NOT AIR! This will prevent the "bent neck" where flowers droop because water cannot travel up the stem.

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