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Folding Knife

Floral craft supplies by a leading manufacturer - OASIS! These folding knives are used by professional designers in flower shops everywhere!

Florists especially like the folding design, which can protect the blade when not in use.

OASIS makes two different styles of this quality knife; a flat blade and a hooked blade. The hooked blade is nice if you frequently open flower boxes sealed with strapping tape. The blade length on both knives: Straight — 2 3/8", Hooked — 2 ¼"

Be sure not to miss my easy flower arranging tutorials. You can learn how to make a wedding bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, easy centerpieces and more. But remember . . . don't take on more than you can handle. Wedding days are supposed to be happy - NOT STRESSFUL!

Be sure you line up plenty of help and choose something simple. That way you can save lots of money AND have a wonderful day besides!

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