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Another great floral craft supplies item by OASIS™ - quality florist pruners. This tool is invaluable for cutting woody or heavy stems that can't cut by florist snips or scissors. .

These pruners are ideal for cutting stems up to 11/16"The blades lock in closed position for safe storage and transport. A solid grip rubber handle provides comfort during long periods of use.

Many professional florists favor the great tools made by Smither-Oasis. This company has a known reputation for quality products that stand the test of time.

Once you are finished with your wedding flowers, you'll still have the use of these remarkable pruners for years while doing yard work at your new home!

I always encourage every Do It Yourself bride to think carefully before attempting to create her own wedding flowers. It's a big job. You may want to first consider all the pros and cons of flower designing. Would you like to save money by making your own wedding flowers? Be sure to visit my easy flower tutorial pages for fun designs you can make yourself. But I always caution every bride . . . don't try to do so much that you overwhelm yourself and cause unnecessary stress on your wedding day.

Choose simple designs that are easy to create and be sure to do as much of the prep work in advance. Check out my bulk wedding flower pages to learn the proper way of conditioning and processing flowers. Please don't skip these steps - they are vital to making your wedding flowers last through your special day!

Florists buy these products in bulk, but I provide them in smaller sizes on my store so you can easily afford them and not have excessive waste.

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