Floral Containers

Floral containers bought by professional florists from wholesale supply sources are fashioned to be economical. Cheap containers allow you to put more of your money in the flowers, creating a larger "show" for the money.

Large Floral Arrangements

For large arrangements (ones that use more than one standard size brick of florist foam) are usually referred by professionals as "maches". Typically made out of a pressed paper mache product, a nicer (and just as economical) version is made out of white molded plastic.

These containers are cheap - yet make a nicer display for weddings and special events.

Wedding Reception Centerpieces

For table centerpieces, florists often use utility containers. Molded from plastic, these containers are strong often molded with prongs on the bottom of the container in order to grip the block of florist foam.

These cheap alternatives come in both long and round shapes for whichever style of centerpiece you want.

Florists often use a special waterproof tape often referred to as "greening tape" or "bowl tape". It clings well despite water spillage and is used for extra security in holding the florist foam inside the container.

Oasis has also come out with a unique line of florist foam products that don't need flower arranging containers. Sealing in green polyfilm, there is either an attached plastic container built in or a thin section of styrofoam built in. This makes it so easy to design - you simply "Soak and Poke". Soak the sealed Oasis in water treated with flower nutrients, make a tiny slit with your flower knife and poke the flowers in! Makes designing a snap!

Photo courtesy Smithers-Oasis. All rights reserved.

All of these products can be found in the Flower Arranging section of my store.

Discount Florist Supplies

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