Floral Centerpiece

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Choosing a floral centerpiece sets the mood and atmosphere of the theme of your reception. A simple design that is easy to assemble starts with a shallow tray. See how combining different flowers makes for an attractive centerpiece? Yet it doesn't intrude on the conversation across the table as guests can easily view each other.

This centerpiece is given height by a tall compote dish. Notice how grouping different varieties of flowers lends to an interesting design? The mechanics are covered with decorative rock and cut up chunks of Rainbow Design foam.

Even simple flowers like carnations can lend themselves to becoming an eyecatching floral centerpiece. Distinct layers of decorative rocks, greens and decorative wire adds interest while hiding the stems of these flowers.

Cool greens of jade roses, green hypericum and gladiolus are beautifully accented with blue delphinium. The design of this floral arrangement is easy to make - but is spectacular when finished!

This shallow bowl combines both fruit and flowers. Pink carnations and roses are lovely tucked in among green apples and lavender stock. Notice the lemon grass tucked about the arrangement to create a charming centerpiece that is oh-so-easy to do yourself!

Green and pink arrangments are very popular today . . but be sure to look beyond the color. Many arrangements can be duplicated in the colors of your choice for your wedding.

Don't you love the soft blending of blue, pink and green in this marvelous centerpiece? Notice the clusters of greenery coming out at all angles to give more depth and texture to the arrangement.

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