Float Soak Florist Foam

Learning how to correctly float soak florist foam is the first step of this flower tutorial.  Resist the temptation to hurry the absorption by forcing the bricks under the water. 

Oasis florist foam draws water pretty fast, anyway.  It's important to let it sink, so that there are no dry pockets of foam inside the brick that could be detrimental to the life of flowers.

Professionals always add fresh flower food to the water.  It's not that expensive of a product and is well worth the money.  There are some homemade recipes out on the web extolling the virtues of lemon-lime soda, etc.   I choose to trust the quality of a product that is made specifically for the task.

Be sure to measure carefully.  Too much flower food is almost worse than too much.

Oasis florist foam bricks are scored for easy measuring to fit most standard florist containers.

Please don't skimp on the amount of foam used in your floral containers.  Fill the entire bowl with foam.  Flowers can draw an amazing amount of water out in a very short time.

This metallic looking container is actually made of a durable, light weight plastic.  It holds a generous 2/3 brick of foam.  Notice the bottom has raised circles. 

These and other spikes are generally found at the bottom of florist containers in order to grip the foam and secure it into place.

These particular containers come in both silver and gold and create a lovely look for holiday and special event centerpieces.  They are inexpensive, however, and can be considered disposable after use.

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