Flat Fern

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Flat fern is the last element that was added to this hydrangea bridal bouquet. This is a matter of personal taste and can be easily left off the design if you prefer.

Sword fern is usually light green in color and adds a lovely pattern and texture to any flower design.

If you need to shorten the length of the stem, cut from the bottom so you still have the nice pointed tip gracefully tapering to the end. Short, leftover pieces can be used to fill in the greenery on centerpieces and altar sprays.

Continue to fill in from the back all around the bouquet's diameter.

Here's a slightly different take on the same bouquet, with the hot pink gerbers in the center as the focal flowers instead of the light pink.

One of the best parts about flower designing is for you to allow your own creative ideas to begin to flow, taking a bouquet and changing colors or flower varieties to make the design an original of your own!

I always finish my fresh bouquets with an adhesive spray called Floralock. You shake the can throughly and insert the long red nozzle into the can's spray head. Then poke it deep into the flowers and squirt short bursts next to where the stems are inserted into the foam. I certainly don't want flowers falling out of the bouquet!

Another "must have" product is a flower sealant. I use Finishing Touch, Once misted on the bouquet, it seals the petals and helps prevent moisture evaporation.

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