Tropical Fish Centerpiece

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A tropical fish centerpiece is a novel way to incorporate some fun into your wedding reception tables. Creating your little wedding centerpiece fish home isn't all that hard. But realize that you are using a live creature. I advise you prepare the water and spath plant much earlier and let the water condition and add the fish a few days before the wedding.

Here are the instructions below.

Making a Fish Wedding Centerpiece

Items Needed:

    • Aquatic Garden Vase Set (with plastic saucer)

    • 1 Yard Sheer Wired Ribbon (Blue compliments the Betta Fish)

    2 Bags Colored Marbles or Clear Gemstones

    1 Male Betta Fish with recommended food from Pet store

    6" Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

    1 Gallon Water (Must be bottled, no chlorine)

    26 guage Flexible Wire

    Vase jewelry

    wire diagonal cutter/scissors

    Caring for your Betta Fish

    Betta fish like warmer temperature water. But do not set directly on top of a heating unit. Keepout of drafts. Don't fill the vase completely full of water or fill up so full of roots that the fish cannotget to the top of the water.

    Believe it or not, fish have to come up for air. There must be a clear openspace in the top of the vase for them to be able to do this.Use bottled water or water thathas been treated with the tables you buy from the pet store. They do cannot tolerate chlorine treated water from the tap.

    All tropical fish like to have at least a quarter of their water changed weekly. It must be room temperaturewhen added. Again, if you use tap water, be sure to treat it as shown on the bottle of the tablets from the pet store.

    This fish east brine shrimp, pinches of Betta food or freeze-dried bloodworms (Yech!). Feed twicea week. This fish likes to live alone. They aren't called Betta Fighting Fish for nothing.

    How to Care for your Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

    A spath is perfect for this project because it is very water loving and doesn't like to be in direct sunlight. Trim off excessive roots so the fish doesn't get tangled in them. You plant should do very well as a fish centerpiece. You may even give your different centerpieces away after the wedding so others can enjoy them at home!
    Before you make your fish centerpiece, wash the vase throughly, remove any labels and dry. Make sure there is no soap residue from the washing. Wash and rinse any marbles or gemstones to plan to put into the vase. They may have dirt or residueon them that will kill the fish.

    Pull the Spath plant from its container and shake off all the excess dirt you can. Rinse roots thoroughly. Your fish centerpiece must have extremely clean water for the fish to survive. (This may take several rinsing - no dirt residue can remain!)

    Cut about a 2" hole in the plastic saucer. (I generally do this to one side to leave an open place for thefish to come to the surface and breathe and yet not get tangled in the roots.)

    Place the layer of marbles or gemstones in the bottom of the vase. Fill the vase with the treatedwater up to above 1" to 2" under the neck of the vase. (Remember to leave an air space for thefish to breathe). Add the Betta Fish to the water. Take it easy!!

    Now, I tend to let the fish acclimatize for a couple days before adding the plant, You can dothis sooner . . . but sometimes it tends to be too much for the fish. They are very touchy creatures.

    Place the roots of the Spath through the hole you cut in the saucer. Once through, tuck the rootsinto the neck of the vase. Fill the saucer with the marbles or gemstones to help give it some weight and keep it in place. (Remember to keep this vase away from direct sunlight or heat).

    If desired, wrap the ribbon around the vase and tie ends or make a bows. Cut off excess tails of the ribbon. If desired, add vase jewelry over top of the ribbon that is around the neck of the vase.

    Ta-dah!! Your fish centerpiece will be the hit of the reception.

    Instructions and photo compliments of Lancaster Corp. All rights reserved.

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