Finishing the Bridal Bouquet

Easy Flower Arranging Tutorials
for the DIY Bride

Finishing the bridal bouquet has some important steps that you shouldn't skip. I began this tutorial by showing you how to create a gorgeous wire bouquet holder. Next we flowered in this holder with orange lilies , hot pink Nerine lilies , bright orange roses and Crocosmia.

Now every good florist knows how important it is to finish the bouquet by sealing it with a special spray that seals in moisture and guards the petals against wilting or becoming transparent.

I usually use Finishing Touch. This excellent product is made by Floralife and is promoted by OASIS. It actually hydrates the flower through it's petals.

Spray it on, allow to dry and then place in a cool storage area.

Another product that I use on every bouquet is Floralock. This is a stem adhesive that is wonderful for locking stems into the Oasis foam. You must shake the can vigorously to ensure that all the glue comes out of the can.

It comes with a long, red nozzle that fits easily deep into the bouquet. Squirt in short bursts around the stems, which will dry and lock them securely into the foam. Do NOT overdo - or you will have glue dripping down the sides of the holder onto the handle!

After finishing the bridal bouquet with the sprays, let it set out a few moments so that both products can dry.

If you have a second refrigerator for use, turn the temperature up to slightly warmer (especially if you have tropicals such as callas or orchids in your bouquet). Florists keep their cooler around 38 degrees - yours can be warmer since you don't have to store your flowers for two weeks or longer.

If you don't have a refrigerator, keep in a dark, cool room away from vents or drying air. It's good to run a cool vaporizer, since florist' coolers are much more humid that regular refrigerators are.

Remist the flowers occasionally with the Finishing Touch to keep the humidity the flowers need.

I did these flowers on the Thursday before a Saturday wedding - and you can see they held up beautifully all thru the day!

The customized bouquet holders were gorgeous against the tangerine and watermelon dresses that the bridesmaids wore.

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