Finishing a Daisy Boutonniere

            Easy Boutonniere Instructions

I complete this daisy boutonniere tutorial by spraying every flower with a sealant such as Finishing Touch.  This helps keep the petals hydrated even though they don't have a water source.

See how beautiful even a simple flower like a daisy can be when you take care with all the small details.  Everything from different foliages to ribbon, wire and pearl detailing add a custom look to a design that would warrant high prices in a professional shop.

The flower is then fastened to the wearer's left lapel (right side of the person pinning on the boutonniere).  If you use traditional pins to secure the posy, be sure to pin from the backside and bury the sharp points into the flower head. 

This will keep it secure and safe to wear.  Alternatives such as boutonniere magnets and lapel pins have to be worked into the design while creating the bout.

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