Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet

Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Be sure to re-mist your finished hand tied bouquet with Finishing Touch each day before the wedding.  If possible, keep refrigerated with the settings turned a little warmer than usual.  If you can't refrigerate, keep in a dark, cooled room and re-add water to the foam every day.

Simple, but beautiful.  Designing isn't as hard when you have all the right tools and professional florist products to keep your flowers fresh and secure.

It's best to reserve your flowers early.  As a florist I ALWAYS planned ahead and gave my wholesaler plenty of notice.  Flower farms usually pre-sell their stock before it is even cut in the fields. Planning ahead and placing your order assures you the best choice and no hassle of having to substitute.

Calculate what you will need and order at least three weeks in advance.  This way you can be sure all the flowers you need can be reserved for you. 

Flowers generally need to be delivered to you at least three days before the event.  Should there be a mishap with Fed Ex or other delivery services (bad weather, lost driver or accidental damage) the order can be replaced.  Track your deliveries once you've placed the order and know where your product is at until it is delivered.

The bride wanted to add a sweet touch of remembrance to her bouquet.  I attached these photo charms showing the grandparents who had passed away before her wedding day.  What a lovely gesture!

She was absolutely radiant and loved her ("mock") hand tied . . . and no one knew the difference!

The flowers held up beautifully, even during the warm outdoor photos after the ceremony.

Allow yourself plenty of time of DIY wedding flowers.  Don't take on more than you can handle and simplicity decreases the stress you feel. 

I have plenty of other tutorials for corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces and other wedding bouquets.  Please browse them all.  The more you learn about design, the easier it will be to adapt and incorporate new colors, different flower varieties and unique touches to your own designs!

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