Are You Planning a Farm Theme Wedding?

Since I live in Illinois smack dab in the middle of farm country, a Farm Theme Wedding isn't that unusual!

Are you driving yourself crazy trying to find John Deere wedding accessories? Have you been searching for farm wedding bubbles? I had a bride going nuts trying to find a John Deere wedding garter. When planning a farm wedding, you may just have a few more challenges than the average bride.

Trust me, your John Deere and other farm tractor suppliers may shuffle and look puzzled when you ask for these things. But I know what it's like for a true dyed-in-the-wool farmer's wife. She wants to please her farmin' man!

I can help with the Farm Wedding Centerpiece, but you may have to make your own John Deere wedding gown!

Farm Theme Wedding Flowers

I have several types of centerpieces that I show on this website, but the one that adapts most easily to a Farm Themed Wedding is the OASIS® Design Ring.

This OASIS® Design Ring centerpiece greens up quickly and then you finish with something yellow to enhance your Farm Theme Wedding.

Keep the centerpiece mainly green like the one below and add some yellow roses, yellow Gerbera Daisies or yellow alstroemeria for color.

Instead of the hurricane that is shown, turn a short vase upside and place your tractor or combine in the middle. This is a centerpiece sure to please your down home country boy!

Place a small plate upside down in the center and place a miniature John Deere tractor or combine.

If you're looking for a site to buy them at, I found them at

To find a miniature John Deere tractor, click here

If that runs a little too pricy for you, consider this link

Go to this link for John Deere party items and more!

I think the John Deere Antenna Topper at $3.99 is affordable and can be used in table centerpieces, as a cake topper,to place in different areas where you want a "touch of green".

There are plenty of other options such as napkins, coasters, etc. to make your Farm Theme wedding one to remember!

John Deere Wedding Garter

Need that wedding garter? Take the emblem off the keychain the sew it to your garter. Add a bright green bow. You've got your John Deere garter!

As for the John Deere Wedding Dress . . .

Well . . . I think you may have to settle for having a green satin ribbon attached. If your heart is really set on this - remove a John Deere patch off a (new!) hat. Stitch it on the back of your gown. Carry a bouquet of yellow roses with lots of bright green ivy. Now that's what I call a John Deere celebration!

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