Fall Wedding Decorations

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Pictures of fall wedding decorations can really get you going on your autumn themed wedding plans. Look for interesting glassware to incorporate into decorations on mantles, tables, powder rooms and guest tables.

Interesting visual contrasts and textures can be made by incorporating oranges, lemons, and small fruits into your design.
Bright orange roses, gerbera daisies, green buplureum, and orange spray roses are a bright contrast to the mixture of yellow tomatoes and oranges.

Small arrangements can be attached by using an Oasis Iglu holder and wiring it to tables, unity candle stands, cake tops and more.

Larger cages can be attached to candleabras, pews, posts and doors. The bright orange of this wired ribbon pulls the autumn theme together nicely with a few orange and yellow roses.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Don't be afraid to experiment with color. See what a dramatic contrast this blue delphinium makes against the bright oranges of the roses and gerbera daisies in this wreath. Attach to cars, church doors, arbors and other large areas. Wreaths of this size will be heavy, so be sure to fasten it securely.

Gorgeous clusters of orange toned roses can be surrounded by ornamental grasses and wheat and tied with a chocolate ribbon.

You can also use a ring florist foam base to surround a large sheaf of grasses and wheat for a dramatic altar display.

Above photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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