Fall Wedding Colors

Fall wedding colors are a marvelous palette to work with. So many rich and inviting shades of warm brown, golden yellows, russet reds and creamy ivory.

You have a lot of choices of different kinds of flowers in these colors. Below are roses, orchids, button pomps, lemon leaf and feathery plumosa.

Wine tasting is here! Don't be afraid to incorporate other design elements into your flowers, such as wire, wine bottles, interesting containers and more. This lovely arrangement could serve both as a beautiful centerpiece and as a cool way to have a bottle of vino at each table!

Follow thru with the same bright autumn colors in your bouquets. This graceful hand tie has yellow and orange roses, orange orchids, a touch of eucalyptus and plumosa fern. Finish with a ribbon wrap and fastened with pixie pins.

Even the powder room is awash with color! OASIS Place-It Grande Holders hold flowers securely to mirrors with built in suction cups.

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