Fall Rose Boutonnieres

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Making fall rose boutonnieres doesn't mean every wedding has to look alike. See how uniquely different each one pictured below is - yet definitely has an Autumn feel to the design.

Start with a rich, cinnamon colored Leonidis rose, then add a bit of fall foliage and filler, such as seeded eucalyptus. Isn't it gorgeous?

It's the sheer brown ribbon accent that gives this orange rose a luscious, rich look. Wired ribbon is much easier to shape and create bows and accents with.

This funky boutonniere incorporates a closely trimmed pomp center and uses the petals as glued on accents. Be sure to coat throughly with a flower sealant.

A Lomey Flower Gem is deeply inserted into the mum, and the boutonniere pins are actually a part of the overall design!

A gorgeous mix of bright orange rose, purple aster, golden solidego and a touch of pink wax flower shows how a unique blend of color can still look very fall.

Photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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