Fall Autumn Wedding Cake

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your Fall Autumn Wedding Cake. For accents think of russet and gold colored leaves, birch branches, woodsy cones and lotus pods.

Red and Orange Rose Cake

This lovely tiered cake with red Forever Yours roses, orange Miracle, orange freesia and white bouvardia. Yellow solidego was added as a filler and leatherleaf fern was spread under the cake.

The greens you see draped around the edge of the table are pulmosia. It is a very feathery light fern that drapes well.

Cluster the flower stems close together. The heads will tilt outward naturally and look like an arrangement. Tuck greens here and there under the heads after they are placed where you want them.

Gold and Yellow Wedding Cake

This next Fall Autumn picture has rich gold colors. Even though it has a fall wedding theme, see how different it looks that the one above.

Take a few extra petals from the roses and scatter them about one the bridal table.

The wedding cake below has chocolate roses, cinnamon roses, white bouvardia placed on a large mirror with reflective marbles.

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