Extra Tall Vases Need Balance

Extra tall vases can tip over if you don't take care to center the balance of gravity. The problem is that if the top weighs more than the bottom, it tips easily.

To create more balance, I use clear extension rods.

These handy acrylic pieces are inexpensive and have been used for years by florists to elevate votive candles, create height for small toparies and more.

You can snip them to length with wire cutters to whatever height you need.

The actual rod is shaped like an "+". This is because it has custom bases that you snap them into in a clear setup called a Lomey Design System. It has different parts and arms that snap onto the "x" shape to create different types of arrangements.

For these long vases with such narrow necks, I use these tall rods to slip down inside the entire length of the vases. This helps to center the weight of the arrangement that is balanced on the top.

The rod has a flat circular top that rests on the top of the vase neck.

You can see that the circular top is perfect for resting on the rim of the vase.

Full view shows that the rod blends in perfectly with the clear vase. This is why so many tutorials you see that uses the bouquet holder instead of clear vases insist on white vases. That's because they have to conceal the ugly handle of the bouquet holder sticking down inside the vase.

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