European Bridal
Bouquet Holder

Comparing Popular Holder Sizes

Bouquets seem to be trending towards larger massed bouquets.  Seeing hand tied designs containing two or three dozen roses isn't really that unusual.

The only difficult part is that dozens of roses can turn the handle into and unwieldy club that can be fatiguing to hold for the entire ceremony.

The answer can be the newest holders produced by Smithers-Oasis - leaders in the floral industry in foam supply products.

Although touted as "European" holders (know for fantastic displays of pave designs - very tightly packed clusters of shortened flowers melding together in a pattern of colors), I've found that a traditional looking bouquet can easily be designed on it as well.

What is wonderful is that you can create a "mock hand tie" - looks like the real thing only better!  With a larger design face, this bouquet can handle a large amount of stemmed flowers and still create the illusion of a lovely clustered bouquet complete with stems.

Don't miss my free flower tutorial that details how to get a traditional rose design - yet the weight of the flowers is more evenly distributed and the smaller stemmed handle is much easier to carry.

The added benefit?  The flowers have a water source, which extends the life of the bouquet.  Everything with this new holder design is a WIN-WIN!!

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