Elegant Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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Elegant wedding reception centerpieces may look difficult, but don't let the thought of it scare you off from making your own flowers. Use the right florist supplies and you'll find homemade centerpieces are easier than you think.

Start by using cheap utility containers . These type of containers are frequently used by florists. This way the money is invested in the flowers - NOT the container!

Cut your OASIS® Floral Foam Bricks into thirds and fit down into the container. Tape with waterproof tape , being careful not to make a "perfect X" exactly in the center.

Although you can buy special votive glassware to use in centerpieces, it can be rather expensive. A cheaper alternative is to buy matching stemware at a discount or dollar store.

Tape the stem closest to the bottom of the glass with packing or duct tape. Put on a pair of safety goggles and gently break the bottom of the stemware off with a light hammer.

Be sure to wrap the bottom edge of the broken glass with tape so no rough edges are exposed.

Sink the voltive stems deeply into the wet oasis. Stagger the heights for a more sophisticated look. Now you have beautiful votive holders that don't cost and arm and a leg!

Green in the wet oasis with leather leaf fern or other greenery. Be sure to spray the greenery (before flowering) with a leafshine product to keep the leaves from getting a white, splotchy look. Instead, they have a finished, polished look that is a glossy green. It also seals the greenery, helping keep it fresh and keeps from early wilting.

Flower in your centerpieces with your choice of wedding flowers. Spray the arrangement with a flower sealant (I use Crowning Glory) and keep the centerpieces in a cool place and add water as needed.

Keep remisting with Crowning Glory each day to keep the flower heads hydrated. Fill the votives with water and add floating candles.

You can see by the photos below that the same centerpiece can take on many different looks - even when you use cheap wedding flowers!

I hope you've enjoyed this free flower arranging lesson on how to make your own elegant wedding reception centerpieces! Please send me pics of YOUR centerpieces when you get them done.

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