Elegant Wedding Invitations

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Elegant wedding invitations don't have to cost and arm and a leg.  These beautiful designs are available through an affiliate and are absolutely stunning!  These are just a few of the invitations that are available for your choosing.

Click the links below each image for more photos and ordering information.  Most are available in sets of 50. 

This tasteful pocket invitation has a lacy embossed finish.

Sample Elegant Floral Cut Wedding Invitation (One Set)

The bows adds the final touch to this lovely design.

Graceful Champagne Folded Invitation With Bow

I think this 3-dimensional flower adds a perfect finish to this set.

Beautiful Wedding Invitation With Embossed Flower (Set of 50)

Exquisite laser cut design is available in other color choices.

Floral Cut-out Wedding Invitation(More Colors)

Tasteful and truly elegant in this ribbon and heart accent on this invite.

Flat Wedding Invitation - Set Of 50

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