Elegant Wedding Ceremony Decor

Elegant wedding ceremony decorations are usually made in a OASIS Jumbo Cage or with an OASIS Spray Bar . Neither of these products needs a separate container, but it is wise to protect any wood table with plastic liner between the arrangement and the surface.

Although this design below creates the impression of a large design, the clever use of long stems of greens and decorative grasses keeps down the cost of the piece.

This lovely arrangement is made with pink mums, carnations, red roses, snap dragons and blue delphinium. Decorative grasses and eucalyptus gracefully extend to "fill in the space" as you should with any piece that is viewed from a distance.

Using smaller ring designs with large taper candles also help with the illusion of filling up a very tall space. The designer mixed the colors of the pillar candles to bring out the different colors of the flowers in the arrangement.

I generally advise brides to consider more common (thus "cheaper") flowers for large sanctuary spaces. Even though the designs in the photo below look extremely elegant - they are simply made of carnations and daisies. From a distance (generally 20 feet or more to the guests seated in the church), the size of the design means more than the individual cost of each flower stem.

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