Elegant Wedding Cakes

These elegant wedding cakes were crafted by the designers at Wilton Industries. Perfect in every way, the smooth, mirror-like finish of each design is dripping with sophistication.

This stacked cake is called "Whirlwind Romance" and is topped with Wilton's Bianca topper.

Please note that some items pictured below may be discontinued - you may have to substitute similar products from Wilton to achieve a similar look.

"Essence of Elegance" is a combination of round and puffed hearts. Additional layers can be added if you need more servings.

This is "Love in Abundance" and is a truly outstanding cake. These delicate flowers are made from gum paste and can be made with the Orchid Set from Wilton.

This all white creation is called "Renaissance Romance". Don't your love the "Always and Forever" separator ring with the lovely embossing?

Topped with fresh tulips, this cake is called "Circles of Love" because of the delicate pearl beading that is swirled on the sides of each layer.

Photos courtesy Wilton. All rights reserved.

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