Elegant Wedding Bouquet Holder

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OASIS® makes the ELEGANT wedding bouquet holder. It is a stunning combination of design and Oasis florist foam. These bouquet holders are a straight handle bouquet holder with a metallic-like finish.

Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquet

This wedding bouquet holder is unique because it isn't only beautiful . . .it's practical! You can make your own bridal bouquet days in advance because of it's special water-wicking system.

Pop off the bottom cap of the bouquet holder after designing the bouquet and place in a vase of water. The wick draws water up to the Oasis foam, keeping the flowers fresh for your wedding day. Store in a cool area until your wedding day.

The ELEGANT® Bouquet Holder is available in three different styles - hammered, twist and leaf designs.

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There is another novel product by Oasis-Smithers that makes a lovely addition to the ELEGANT Wedding Bouquet Holder. It is a Lomey Wire Bouquet Collar. The unique design gives an elegant "twist" to this stunning bouquet.It can be used with all the bouquet holders sold in our

Wedding Suppy Store. This collar comes in copper, silver and gold.

Make your own Bridal Bouquet

To see a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a wedding bouquet,

Wholesale Floral Supply

The difficulty with making your own wedding flowers is not just designing - but actually finding the products needed. Florists buy them from a wholesale floral supply - but they are hard to find locally.

My Wedding Supply store supplies for decorating wedding receptions, and many other wholesale floral supply items.

I'm committed to helping brides save money if they go to the trouble of making their own wedding flowers.

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