Elegant Church Wedding Decorations

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Elegant church wedding decorations can create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Whether you want the simplicity of roses or a lavish display of lilies, use the flowers to express your individual style and taste.

This lovely piece is a combination of roses, peach hypericum and a mixture of greenery.

You can create your own altar sprays using the same floral products that professional florists use. You need large containers and large blocks of florist foam to support this many stems of flowers.

Although you can use several bricks of foam for a large altar spray, Oasis makes larger blocks especially for florals like these.

You can find step-by-step tutorials for making altar sprays, pew decorations and more on this site.

More imaginative arrangements can be made using large sheafs of decorative grasses and a ring of Oasis foam.

Long grasses or green wheat can be banded together with rubber bands and fitted into a small Oasis ring which is then filled with carnations or other simple flowers. True elegance with a lot of imagination!

More ideas for decorating the church can be found at my Church Wedding Decorations.

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