Edible Bouquet Centerpieces

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Why not use edible bouquet centerpieces for your wedding tables? These gorgeous displays will serve two purposes - decorations AND delicious offerings of fruit, candies, crackers and wine.

This novel centerpieces uses the top of a candy box for the flowers. Be sure to line with plastic before placing wet florist foam in the box.

Place a large brandy snifter in the center of a design ring. Place candy or other treats in the bowl and surround with flowers.

Make you wedding toast extra-special. Place an ice bucket in the center of a design ring.

Go a step further and freeze flowers and decorative wire in a ring shape. Place in a shallow tray and use as part of the table decor while holding your wine bottle. Caution - do not freeze bottle!

More designs on a similar theme. You can see how you can make these centerpieces uniquely yours!

In this bucket, sisal has been used in the ice. There are several different colors available.

Let your imagination go wild when thinking up more design ideas for these ice buckets.

Wicker baskets can serve as a centerpiece as well. Fill with your choice of fresh fruit or candy. These would be perfect for that special bridal shower centerpiece.

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