Easy Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

This easy hand-tied wedding bouquet is much faster to make than the conventional way. There is a certain art to creating a hand tied design and is harder than it looks. It is much simpler to create a "faux" hand tied design that has the additional advantage of a constant water source! Now those bouquets can stay fresh - even at outdoor weddings!

For years, many florist who know the wisdom of a constant water source have created a hand tied "look" by covering a traditional bouquet holder with the left over flower stems. Simply cut the stems to the length desired. Covered the bouquet holder handle with double sticky tape and add the cut stems until the handle is covered. Then secure the stems with greening tape as shown.

The biggest problem was always trying to cover up the white bouquet holder. But not now! OASIS has just come out with an awesome new bouquet holder called "Super Wet". It does come in white - but I love using the green for the "faux tied-bouquet" look. The green blends right in and you don't have to work so hard to cover the mechanics.

The extra bonus is the big foam head that can hold lots of flowers, plus larger openings on the underside where flowers can tilt downward, hiding the plastic head more easily.

But the best part about this new bouquet handle is that it has a built-in wick. See how the handle is hollow? Unscrew the bottom cap (just leave it off for this design) and you can place the bouquet in a vase of water and it draws up moisture to the Oasis head. The best advantage about this? You can design the bouquet several days in advance and it stays looking beautiful!

If you are an inexperienced designer, you will find that it is MUCH EASIER to cut and place your flowers where you want them rather than struggle with holding three dozen stems in your hand! I did this bouquet for a wedding this spring - isn't it beautiful? None of the guests ever suspected that this wasn't a true hand held bouquet! But. . .oh so much easier to do!

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