Easy Christmas Centerpiece

The easy Christmas centerpiece was started just like any other centerpiece - greening in with leather leaf fern and using a bit of seeded eucalyptus.

I now choose what Christmas greens I want to insert into my arrangement.

As you can see, some fir trees have rather thick stems. The needles need to be stripped off and the stem might have to be tapered with a knife.

I use my fingers to pull off the needles.

Your knife might have to be cleaned and sharpened after using Christmas greens, since the sap can be rather sticky.

I insert the sharpened stems deep into my foam among the leather leaf fern.

It's always wise when creating holiday centerpieces to spray with a greenery sealant. Christmas centerpieces are expected to last a long time and heated homes can be rather drying to this type of arrangement.

You can add flowers to this design as well. I'm adding red roses, but flowers like carnations and mums will last longer through the season.

Continue to flower in around the center.

Be sure the stems of the flowers are deep enough to pull water out of the foam.

Roses may have to be replaced - but they should last 7 - 10 days if you keep them misted and watered.

You can add other decorative touches such as ornaments, small gifts boxes or pine cones.

I like to add interest with pearl headed pins. These triple pearl pins are available in my online store.

I insert the pins either into the arrangement or into the heads of the flowers for interesting focal points.

The finished centerpiece is beautiful!

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