Dry Floral Foam

You will need dry floral foam if you plan to make floral table centerpieces or silk bridal bouquets. Although you work a little differently with silk flowers than you would with fresh, the bridal bouquet design is basically the same.

Buy Quality for Silk Wedding Bouquets

Examine your silks before buying to be sure the edges are cut crisp and clean, with no fraying. Your flowers will look more realistic if you buy flowers in the same color they grow. Just because your bridesmaids are wearing royal blue dresses doesn't mean you have to buy royal blue flowers.

Quality silk will LOOK REAL! Silk wedding bouquets are seen in all the pictures, including closeups, and cheap flowers will look cheap. Insert the stems into pot glue and then into the dry floral foam for secure holding power.

Budget Silk Wedding Flowers

The place to use your budget silk wedding flowers in the wedding floral arrangements that will be seen from a distance. Church wedding decorations, large sprays on outdoor gazebos, candleabra stand sprays and altar wedding flowers are all good places to utilize discount flowers. Buy these in bunches, because they will be cheaper than individually priced stems.

Silk Wedding Bouquet Holder

Unlike fresh flowers, which have considerable weight to them, silk wedding bouquets are very light in comparison. You do not need as large as a foam head in the silk bouquet holder as you would need in fresh.

I carry many products for both silk and fresh flowers that are usually only available through a wholesale floral supply. True wholesalers sell only to retailers with a resale licensing. I work to keep my prices down where Do-It-Yourself brides can truly save money by doing the labor herself.

You can help by ordering well in advance because I do ship in products from several different well known manufacturers. The fun part about silks is you can do them well in advance and free up time right before your wedding for other things.

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