Dove Chocolate Wedding Favors

The Dove chocolate wedding favors are made by the same company that makes the personalized M&M's . . . Mars corporation. These delicious candies come in milk and dark chocolate and are fabulous!

To order either of the candy favors, simply click on the link below to place your order. You can put personalized messages inside each Dove wrapper or right on the M&M candy! The M&M's also can be ordered in specialized colors to match your wedding.

MY M&Ms; Wedding Packs with Personalized M&Ms;

MY M&Ms; Wedding Packs with Personalized M&Ms;

Create a unique memento to commemorate the special day. Our new wedding packs show off your colorful creation in a ready-to-gift format featuring doves, a heart, and a bell-shaped window. Each pack is filled with a 0.75oz serving of personalized M&Ms;, with your faces & messages. Starting at $1.79 each. Available in kits of 20.

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