Double Heart
Wedding Cake Toppers

Double heart wedding cake toppers are simple and elegant. You can use them just as they are or as a backdrop for a traditional bride and groom figures in from of them.

This set is so classy! Crystals will add sparkle and be a beautiful focal point at the top of your cake.

Double Heart Vintage Style Topper

Smooth porcelain gives a modern feel to this lovely heart topper.  This will be a timeless keepsake that you'll love passing down to your children for their own weddings.

Wedding Cake Topper Double Heart Porcelain Caketop

Stacked hearts are a new twist to this type of design.  The off-white color blends well with any color scheme.

Double Heart Cake Topper

Smooth metal gleams on top of cakes embellished with sparkling crystals.

Twin Heart Wedding Cake Topper

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