Do It Yourself Wedding Favors

Do It Yourself wedding favors are so easy - just browse the clearance bins or discount section of stationery stores. See the nice assortment I found at a local dollar store. Writing pads, printed computer papers, and "thank you" cards can provide a wealth of pretty boarder or pictures just right for wrapping miniature Hershey candy bars.

I'll show you a sample of how I did this with a writing pad that had 50 sheets of pretty bordered pages.

I put the candy bar next to the border to decide what I wanted as the new wrapper.

Flipping the page over to the blank side, I marked with a pencil where I needed to cut. Be sure to cut a long enough length to wrap completely around the candy bar and overlap a little.

I rolled on some glue dots with a dispenser I bought in the scrapbooking section of a discount store. This holds very well and eliminates messy glues. If you want to use a glue gun - use cool melt glue. Hot glue may melt the candy bar.

Carefully wrap, finishing as shown in the first picture above. I usually wrap from back to front so the pattern I want finishes in the right place on the front.

This bar was wrapped with sticky "Post It" notepaper.

I used a pale patterned paper for this one and then added a carefully snipped section of pearl border that I bought at a fabric store. It sells by the yard and can cover quite a few bars.

Since I can wrap four bars from this writing pad, I can easily cover 200 bars from a $5.00 investment. Add in the costs of the bars and the rolling glue dot dispenser for an easy and affordable wedding favor that looks gorgeous!

Here's another pale pattern that I wrapped a short length of brown ribbon around, then added a small, stick-on monogram.

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