DIY Boutonniere 

Red Rose with Dusty Miller Leaves

Dusty Miller leaves are a delightful addition to corsage and boutonniere work.  The velvety feel to this leaf adds to the charm, along with the unique shape.

I sort through my Dusty Miller foliage for the smaller leaves to accent my corsages and boutonnieres and leave the larger leafs for the bouquet work.

Please note that not all Dusty Miller foliage has perfect leaves.  I usually order one or two bunches extra in anticipation of this.  Sorry - this foliage is a living, field grown product.  Professional florists know this and allow for a little wastage when ordering.  Perfection, I'm afraid, only comes with artificial flowers.

I wire my leaves individually so that I have better control on leaf placement.

I am also going to switch to white floral tape since it blends with the white look of the leaves better.

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