Disposable Tablecloth

A disposable tablecloth is the choice of many brides, especially if the event is not catered. It is a cost conscious choice that saves both money and time during clean up.

Plastic and paper table covers come in a large array of festive colors. You can usually find something that adds a colorful dimension to your wedding decorating.

Need some beautiful ideas for reception centerpieces or stunning bridal bouquets ? Be sure to check out other pages for inspiration for wedding backdrops . I also have tons of ideas for the gift favors that will grace your guest tables.

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You can stretch your wedding budget by creating your own beautiful flower arrangements. I show you how with great step-by-step photos in my flower tutorial pages.

You'll also find all the same fresh flower supplies that I used in when I design wedding flowers.

The supplies are shipped out of a real wholesale florist warehouse, guaranteeing freshness and prompt attention to your supply order.

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