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Lily of the Valley

Gorgeous and sweet, Lily of the Valley zoomed to the top of the "most wanted wedding flower" after the nuptials of Prince William and Princess Kate.

I'm sure many professional florists had extreme mixed feelings about this.  It really isn't that hard to duplicate this delicate bouquet that consists of hand wiring each individual stem.  Little time consuming - but results are gorgeous.

The huge problem is the staggering cost combined with the fact that these flowers are hard to keep alive.  It was reported that Princess Kate's bouquet was well over $1000 AND that several were made up to switch at a moment's notice if any of the flowers showed signs of drooping.

First you have to wrap your head around the cost of a single stem.  This popular flower site sells you ten SINGLE stems at nearly $9.00 each.

Most stems aren't longer than 4" - 6".  Here is a single stem.  I would estimate that the princess's bouquet had at least 40 stems. That's $400 before you count in the Sweet William and myrtle.

But what makes that so scary is the tendency of Lily of the Valley to wilt.

It's important for DIY brides to carefully read the fine print on the wholesale sites . . . 

Yup!  You read that right.  Spend $400 or more for enough to make your own bouquet and it may be wilted when it arrives - but there is NONREFUNDABLE.  

How many brides miss that when ordering?

Factor in extra stems?  REALLY???

I refuse to even offer the type of fresh flowers in my online store for something that I know has a strong chance of disappointing her upon arrival.

I value my customers and certainly don't want to add to her stress days before the wedding.

Wholesale flower sites ship by FedEx, UPS and USPS in NON-REFRIGERATED TRUCKS.  The cost of refrigerated deliveries to residences is astronomical and would not be affordable for the average bride.

There are many flowers that do travel well overnight and have a high satisfaction rate.

My advice if you have your heart set on these lovely flowers?  Either have a professional design them, order them from a source that guarantees not to break the cold chain of delivery or use a quality silk that is virtually distinguishable from fresh.

I do have a large choice of assorted flower varieties available in my store.  I sell both flowers and greenery in single bunches to make it more affordable for the DIY bride.

There are often hidden costs in "wholesale flowers" in the form of large minimums and inflated prices that are not truly wholesale.  I want to treat my brides the way they deserve to be treated.  Good advice and lots of information about different flower choices.

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