Discount Flower Wedding

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Every bride is searching for a discount flower wedding. Lots and lots of beautiful flowers . . . but at a great big price break! As a retail florist I can sympathize with this. Prices ARE high on wedding flowers and the cost seems to grow more every year.

Not every bride has a flower market around the corner. But she does have the power of the internet!

Look close before you order any type of flower online. Wedding purchases should be dealt with caution because they are for such an important day and you don't want ANYTHING TO GO WRONG.

Online Wedding Flowers

What Vendors to Trust?

To order wedding flowers online to be delivered to your home is a big step. Consider who you actually want to order from. Here are some points you should follow:

1. Don't believe all the promises on every website.

Those big gorgeous roses might not quite live up to the pictures posted on the website. You want to get good discount flower wedding savings . . . but not a the cost of bad merchandise.

2. If it sounds too good to be true . . . It probably is.

Rock bottom prices are generally discounts because the wholesaler is buying old box lots. This means after all the fresh stock is already shipped out filling pre-ordered produce, the leftover boxed flowers go up for bids to get shipped out before it is too late. These flowers MAY BE ONE TO TWO WEEKS OLDER. Older may mean mold or petals falling off. Don't gamble on your wedding day to find out this the hard way.

3. Find a reputable farm that does have a solid guarantee.

Remember you will probably (if you want the lowest prices) be dealing with a flower farm in South America. Don't just e-mail. CALL. Establish a connection with a salesperson.

Does the salesperson answer your emails promptly? Are they clear on their policy for shipping and other vital details? Trust your instincts rather than the slick talk of a salesman who promises the world.

Good flower farms have an established reputation and want to keep it. Discount flower wedding costs (should) still be cheaper than at your local florist or flower market.

4. Consider Placing a Small Order Before Your Wedding

Treat yourself to some roses or other flowers well before the wedding. This allows you to see the quality of the flowers AND see how your shipment arrives.

If you want lilies or other flowers that need to open, you can gauge how long it takes for the blooms to be at their peak and know when to order your shipment in for your wedding.

You need to be able to examine your discount flower wedding order and give the seller a chance to overnight more to you if necessary! Good flowers will last a week or more in a cool basement or air conditioned room.

5. Expect to Order in Large Quantities

If you expect a large discount flower wedding with breaks like a florist - expect to have to order in large quantities.

Wholesalers and florists get a large break on the cost of their flowers. But that is because they order in large quantities. To expect a flower farm to sell you one dozen of this color of rose, and one dozen lily stems . . . it ain't gonna happen.

Don't be afraid to ask for smaller quantities, but don't be surprised if they say no.

6. The Biggest Discount is Your Own Hard Work

You will save on the initial flower costs by buying this way. Your biggest savings, however, will come from rolling up your own sleeves and be willing to do some of the work. Labor is a huge consideration in the floral industry and, believe me, the brides pay a premium for it.

Weddings are labor intensive and take a lot of timing on the part of the floral designers and the deliverymen. Brides tend to be more demanding than other customers and are charged accordingly. If you don't think you are paying for those extra phone calls and hour long consultations - think again. All of that is factored into the wedding bid. It has to or the flower shop couldn't stay open. Labor on a wedding is usually at least 50% (and sometimes over 100%) more on top of all the materials and flowers used.

Realize that those flowers and materials have also (probably) been tripled the wholesale cost.

By now you are saying "No Way!! Ripoff!!

But of course - so are all of your groceries, your clothing and everything else you buy in other stores. It is a fact of life!

7. Pre-Order at Least Two Months in Advance

Sound like a long time? Not really in the discount flower wedding business. Whole crops are often sold a long time before they are cut. To be ensured of quality flowers, order with plenty of time to spare.

Some of the biggest complainers are people who didn't plan in advance and give all the vendors plenty of time to get in their products. This is a huge industry and it can move rather quickly - but don't count on it.

You can wait to order closer to your wedding . . . but would you wait until two weeks before to order your wedding gown?

8. Don't Take on More than You Can Handle

Saving money is good and it IS possible to have a big discount flower wedding. But don't take on more than you can handle.

Unless you have the help of a lot of good friends and relatives willing to design, transport (and clean up) it is not worth the stress on your wedding day.

Have fun, choose projects you can handle . . . and, above all, ENJOY YOURSELF ON THIS VERY SPECIAL DAY!

Share Your Experience with Other Brides!

If you have good luck with your discount flower wedding venture, let me know! I'd like to share with other brides! I have purchased online flowers from and think they are a very good company. Their flowers were lovely and delivery was exceptional.

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