Discount Bridal Bouquets

Discount bridal bouquets simply means you need to be more frugal when it comes to the flowers. Some great marketers have used the strategy of making brides think - "If the flowers aren't expensive - then they aren't special enough . . ."

How foolish! There are many lovely flowers out there that, although plentiful and cheap when bought in season, can still be made up into gorgeous designs!

Yellow spider mums and scented stephanotis created an unusual design with a long trail of spengeri fern.

Looks exotic - but this rather unusual spray is made up of a few decorative leaves, carnations and a couple of roses. Very nice!

Combined here is a few spider mums, sweetheart roses and a few stephanotis for a nice fragrance.

This charming round bouquet is simply mums - daisies and pomps in lavenders and burgandy while nestled in a cloud of Babies breath.

This is a very economical bouquet made with a half dozen standard carnations, a stem or two of statice and finished off with blue eucalyptus.

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