Directions for Making Pew Bows

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Follow my easy directions for making pew bows and save money on your wedding decorations! Standard satin and wired ribbon comes in many different widths, but I recommend either #9 (which is 1 7/16" wide) or #40 (2 11/16" wide). Number 9 is narrower and will need more loops that a Number 40 bow will.

I'm using a wired edge, which creates a bow that holds it's shape very well and can be reshaped if it should get crushed in transporting.

You will need about 10 yards to make a full bow. Remember that this is an estimate, since it will ultimately depend on how large you make your loops and tails as to how much yardage is needed.

Grasp the ribbon with both hands close together.

Give the ribbon a twist, so that opposite sides are up.

You will make a twist like this after every loop, ensuring that the "right side" of the ribbon is always facing outward. Even if the ribbon is the same on both sides, the twist will give crisp loops to your bow.

Pull out a length of ribbon and double back to form a loop. You should be able to at least slide four fingers into the loop. Twist the ribbon again, and pinch both the first twist and the second twist between your thumb and index finger.

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