Designer Wedding Cakes

What makes designer wedding cakes so special? It's because they've been changed to represent YOUR vision for your wedding. Find the cake style you like, but have it adapted to your preferences. Change the borders, lighten the colors, add a fountain . . . there is so many ways to customize a cake.

I've seen so many wedding cakes over the years - but I absolutely fell in love with the one below. I had it made for very dear friends of mine when they had their 25th wedding anniversary. It was gorgeous!

This English styled cake is called "overpiping". The designs are made very three dimensional by building piped layers of icing for an ornate design.

The delicate cake is very charming, with delicate borders and different tier shapes.

According to the Wilton experts, this cake is done in an Australian style - every detail carefully thought out. Nothing is too flamboyant or overdone.

This beautiful creation features water lilies - with a cake topper coming out of a large lily on the top. Meant as an anniversary celebration, this one can be easily increased in size to feed more guests.

Photos courtesy Wilton Industries. All rights reserved.

There are a lot more cakes to browse on this site - so don't stop now! I also have a store which carries Wilton merchandise and fresh floral supplies.

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