Design a Bridal Bouquet

Greening in a Cascading Bouquet

To design a bridal bouquet, you must learn the basics. "Greening in a bouquet" is a term used by florists. It means that the initial step is framing every bouquet with different varieties of green leaves. Although leather leaf fern is a very common in every flower shops, you can add more interest and texture to your wedding bouquet if you add a few different types.

Secure your bouquet holder (this is a Grande Wedding Belle Holder) in either a bouquet stand or in a heavy vase with a narrow neck. This bouquet will be heavy and can topple forward as you are designing if you don't have enough weight in the bottom of the holder!

I start by inserting a leather leaf fern in the top and the bottom. As you begin framing in your design, remember that the flower heads will extend a little beyond the greens.

You are really deciding the size of your bouquet with this initial insertion of greenery.

Notice that the outer greens bend back towards the bouquet handle, and as you insert more towards the center, they get shorter and stand up a little straighter. The ones in the center will eventually be pointing straight out towards the designer.

Don't feel like every piece has to be an identical size. When I design a bridal bouquet, I try to follow the curves of the greenery in a natural way. The arrangement will then have a beautiful drape and feel.

I inserted two long sword ferns at the bottom. Notice that they aren't "straight down", but rather inserted with a little side curve to them. These give a little texture and depth with the difference in the leaf style and the contrasting color.

I made loops of lemon grass and wired them to a Cowee pick (a small wooden stake that will swell and hold tight in the wet florist foam).

Inserted above the two light green sword fern, you now have another interesting texture added to your arrangement.

I've created more shorter loops that I will put in at the top - directly opposite the larger loops at the bottom of the bridal bouquet.

I wired two straight pieces of lemon grass and placed on the bottom(opposite of the loops and sword fern). Now your bouquet is greened in.

Seal by misting with a sealant such as Finishing Touch. Keep rewatering and store in cool place (such as basement or air conditioned room.) It will stay looking nice for several days - you can insert the flowers a day or two before the wedding. Just be sure the flowers stay hydrated as well by continually rewetting the florist foam in the holder. Mist the flower heads with Finishing Touch.

The next step to design a bridal bouquet is inserting your flowers. See how different you can make the bouquet look simply by the flower choices you make.

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