Decorative Heart Wreath

Church Wedding Decorations

This decorative heart wreath can be created in a short time and used as part of your church flowers or reception hall decor.

You will need:

* 18" Oasis Solid Heart (or smaller if you desire)
* 2 yards Wired Ribbon

Florist waterproof tape
* Floral Adhesive
* Flower sealant

Tape across the foam heart with waterproof tape approximately 1/2" apart. This gives the foam stability with so many stems inserted into the foam.

If you plan to hang wreath - create a hanger from WIRE first. There is a hole punch in the "V" of the heart. I generally wrap wire around both sides of heart and up through the hole and make a double wire loop. Conceal this wire hanger with decorative ribbon. You must support this wreath securely - soaked Oasis is heavy.

Soak Oasis heart in water treated with cut flower food. This is important - because the flowers will stay fresh much longer.

This heart contains the following fresh flowers:

*11 stems peach carnations
* 36 assorted pink, lavender, soft red and peach toned roses
* 3 pink peonies
* 2 stems green viburnum
* 1 stem green hydrangea
* 2 stems lavender spray asters
*3 stems hot pink spray roses

If you want a different colored wreath - simply substitute the same number of stems of the flowers you prefer.

Mist thoroughly with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch. If you do the wreath up a day or two in advance, keep misted and store in cool area such as air conditioned room or basement. Store flat so water won't drip out. Make sure the Oasis stays wet at all times - re-water if necessary.I carry all the supplies needed to create wedding flowers in my florist store, including items for bouquets, corsages and centerpieces.

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