Decorative Garland

Green Garlands for Hanging

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Decorative garland doesn't always have to be floral garlands. Hanging garlands made from a variety of different florist greens is very attractive and more economical to make.

There is a "natural" green vine that grows as a garland called Smilax. It is available year round in a medium green color. It is a little more expensive than the other greens because it is sought after for this purpose.

Decorative garlands are high priced when ordered from a flower shop - even costing upwards of $100 per foot. But you can make your own without easily with a product called Oasis Foam Garland.

Although it seems expensive - you realize how much it does save you when you realize the Oasis garland is 32 feet long! That would translate into over $3,000 worth of product if you had it made by a florist!

It's beautiful hanging on archways, over doorways, windows, cut apart for hanging bouquets, flower girl garlands and more. Such a versatile product!

Photos courtesy of Smithers-Oasis. All rights reserved.

Hanging Garland

Wedding garland can be incorporated so many places. This ivy garland is an attractive addition above the wedding table or on he edge of a railing.

Similax is light enough to hang up on the wall. This one accents a wedding wreath and has two floral accents draped with the garland.

This green garland is a combination of pulmosa fern and spengeri fern. Woven thru with a ribbon tie, it looks wonderful on a staircase rail.

Floral Garlands

You can add more interest to your decorative garland with flowers. A few or a lot . . .the cost is controlled by you. See some beautiful Floral Garlands for ideas on how to flower your own decorative garland.

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