Decoration for a Table Wedding Display

Finding a unique decoration for a table wedding display takes a lot of thought and searching. Keep in mind when you see pictures you like that you are not restricted to the colors or flowers in the arrangement. Therefore you should look at the style first - and the colors second. Florals can always be adapted to your color scheme.

One of the newest and hottest products to hit the wedding market is water beads. Using clear vases, you fill with beads, cubes or gel and then put a clear plate on top and arrange your flowers there.

The addition of light is fantastic!

The arrangements on top can be very simple - you can also float candles right on top of the beads or gel.

I created a page of an easy demonstration on how to hydrate the Deco Water Beads. It's easy to do and you can keep re-adding water to keep the beads plump and moist.

These cubes and beads can be rehydrated over and over again. The colored beads may lose a little brightness, but you can add food dye to refreshen.

It's hard to imagine how tiny these beads are - so I've taken a picture with one stuck to the side of a penny. Yet these swell up very large (even larger with distilled water).

The cubes come only in clear - but the beads come in several different colors to match any wedding scheme.

The beads in this jar were made from ONE TEASPOON (plus about 2 quarts of water). One 8 ounce jar of beads (about the size of a cold cream jar) can make a bathtub full!

Be sure not to wash any of these down drain pipes or plumbing of any kind.

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