Decorating with Tulle

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Decorating with tulle at both your wedding ceremony location and your reception hall takes a little planning in advance. Take some photos at both places so you can envision what you'd like to put in each space.

Below you find some pages that have picture ideas and some step-by-step directions on making tulle bows.

I highly recommend table clamps. They make it easy to attach tulle draping in front of tables and make an attractive showpiece of your bouquets after the wedding ceremony.

To see how to make a traditional pew bow out of satin ribbon, click here.

Tulle, Gossamer and Taffeta

Various fabrics can be used to create stunning backdrops. Choose the fabric below that fits your own wedding budget and decorating needs.

Shimmera is an shimmering, lightweight fabric with an shining look. It comes in particularly vibrant colors. It is a perfect option for draping ceilings, covering tabletops and creating beautiful backdrops against plain walls.

Premium Tulle can be used to decorate tables, roman columns, and more. This high quality wedding tulle is a available in 50 yard bolts. It is a fine "net like" material and is available in a wide selection of reception colors. You'll find it wide enough to cover large areas.

Glitter Taffeta comes in a 20 yard roll. This material has a bold, shiny finish that can cover up a lot of venue problem. You can drape taffeta over tables, or create beautiful wedding backdrops and more.

Solid Color Gossamer comes in extra-large 100 foot rolls. Use it to decorate reception and food tables, walls, floors, and tying swags around chairs.

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