Decorating for Wedding Receptions

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Decorating for wedding receptions takes a lot of time, volunteers, imagination . . .and a plan! See some beautiful ideas for wedding reception decor, ideas for making your own gift favors and more. Be sure to check out my Supply Store for church, ceremony and car items!

Casino Centerpiece or a Tropical Fish with Florals are unusual centerpieces sure to impress your guests!

If your bridal budget is tight, check out my budget minded centerpieces , and how to use a miniature cake as an eye catching presentation in the center of each reception table. There are pictures of a standing hand-tied bouquet centerpiece , elegant centerpieces, topiary centerpieces, and the trick to making very large florals.

A large pomander would look lovely hanging above a dance floor or used on top of a tall table centerpiece.

All photos courtesy John Henry

Creating your own flower designs is easier if you use the same centerpiece supplies that professional florists use.

To leave Decorating for Wedding Receptions and see pictures of weddings, cakes, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and centerpieces, check out the links at the bottom of Home Page.