Decorated Flip Flops for a Wedding

Want the look of the expensive decorated flip flops for your wedding . . . but at a cheaper price? Learn how to decorate flip flops for yourself and have fun doing it!

Bridal Flip Flops

It's beginning to get more and more common to see toes peeking out from under a bridal gown at a wedding reception! Smart brides are learning how to dance the night away without sore feet. Decorated flip flops!

Some of the boughten ones can get pretty pricey. But break out the scissors and glue. Rummage around for some needle and thread. You can make your own bridal flip flops sparkle with a little work.

1. Buy a pair of white (or your choice of color) flip flops.

I started with a pair of plain white flip flops with a broad cotton top for straps. (Easier to sew to.) I also chose a pair with thick soles so there was plenty of cushion between the feet and the floor! This pair cost me about $7.00 at a local discount store.

2. Buy Assorted Lace and Bling Bling

Check out your local craft or fabric store and buy some lengths of lace. (You may have to measure your shoe tops first.) Invest in needle and thread. For extra sparkle, I purchased stick on diamond bling bling and various ribbon roses, etc.

3. Pin your lace on the sandle straps. Cut off excess.

Using dressmaker pins, fasten your lace completely front side to side on your bridal flip flops.

4. Sew on the lace with needle and thread.

Take just a few quick whip stitches between the shoe strap and the lace to hold it to the shoe. (You could use fabric glue - but sewing holds it more securely.)

5. Add all the Bling Bling you want!

Let your imagination go. Add stick on diamonds, colored ribbons or pearls. I used stick on bling bling that is supposed to be a skin tatoo.

But you can use any decorative bits and pieces you can find. Glue lace around the thick, outer sole of the shoe. Buy some pearls and make fancy beaded flip flops. Have fun and make these bridal flip flops show your personality!

See below some of the different ways that I decorated flip flops.

More beautiful photos and ideas at these links . . .

Want to decorate the really easy way? I just took the hair twirls with diamond looking chips (these are suppose to twist into your hair) and gave them a good twist into the fabric of the shoe.

Fancy bridal flip flops that your feet will thank you for without the designer flip flop price!

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