How to Decorate a Flower Girl Basket

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How should you decorate a flower girl basket? I love making this part of wedding flowers.

Picture this. A tiny white basket. Flower girl. Petals . . . usually rose petals. One of the sweetest parts of a wedding ceremony, huh?

Everybody smiles waiting to see what the flower girl will do when faced with a huge crowd of people.

The little girl who danced her way down the aisle on rehearsal night may be a bit shyer on the actual wedding day. That's ok, though, because that is what makes them so doggone cute!

How to Make a Flower Girl Basket

Brides who are on the lookout for cheap flower girl baskets should consider making their own. It really isn't that hard to decorate a small flower girl basket.

Before you buy the basket, consider the age and size of the flower girl. Real flower arrangements can be heavy. Don't give her something so large it makes it difficult for her to manage down the aisle.

Next, decide whether you want her to have flowers arranged in her basket or filled with petals to throw. She can actually have both. To keep the weight down, consider fastening a corsage to one or both sides of the basket with plenty of ribbon streamers. You can then fill it to the brim with rose petals.

Be sure to check with the church policy. Some ceremony locations have restrictions against using fresh flower petals in the church. If so, there are plenty of suppliers to buy silk rose petals from.

Want cheaper alternatives to real rose petals? Consider having her drop carnation petals. Cernations come in a large variety of colors and have very attractive shaped petals. They also don't tend to brown and crease as quickly as rose petals do. Best of all - theya re one of the cheapest flowers to buy and come in a large variety of colors!

To decorate a flower girl basket, you can be very traditional. A simple fireside basket with with a tiny arrangement of roses.

This next one was for a bride who didn't want the same old thing. To decorate a flower girl basket for her, I bought a tin pail made by Wilton and sponge pressed pale green paint on it. I fastened two small corsages to each side and filled with pink rose petals. See how sweet it turned out.

Alternatives to Flower Girl Baskets

Looking for something a little different for your flower girl?Here are some delightful suggestions instead of a basket.

Pomander or Flower Ball

The name for these little balls that bridesmaids carry is a pomander ball. They are sometimes called a Kissing Ball.

This is a small ball of tightly packed flowers with a ribbon handle. They are a very sweet alternative for the flower girl.

The Kissing Ball is easy to make when you use OASIS® Netted Spheres like a professional florist would.

Another beautiful alternative to a flower girl baskets is a hanging garland. Using OASIS® Garland foam, snip it to the length you desire, add bows to each end and have the girls carry it between them down the aisle.

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