Daisy Wedding Theme

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A Daisy Wedding Theme is a very simple and fresh. These sweet flowers come in many color choices and can add a lot of charm to your wedding day. Many brides love these because they look as if they have come straight from a flower garden.

Because it is such a hardy flower, daisies hold up well in corsages, boutonnieres, as hair decorations and on bridal cakes.

Daisy Wedding Cake

Whether you decorate your wedding cake with regular daisies or Gerbera Daisies, you will find it easy to do. Gerbera daisies have hollow stems and are very water loving. Be sure if your cake is decorated with Gerbera daisies to do it a short time before the wedding to ensure freshness.

Regular daisies are from the Chrysanthemum family and are very hardy. They can be put on the cake very early will hold up well the whole day long.

Daisy Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Although it is a rather cheap wedding flower, look how elegant daisies can be used in centerpieces for your reception tables.

Floating daisy flowers in water is easy to do and still looks very classy.

You can also utilize potted daisy plants as decorations for your ceremony or reception. They are light, cheap and easy to transport.

You may even wish to paint terra cotta pots in soft colors to coordinate with your wedding. If you wish to use potted daisies, be sure to place your order early with your local garden center so that they will have the number of plants you need reserved for you on your wedding date.

Daisy Wedding Bouquet

Mum bouquets are beautiful whether in a bouquet holder or as a hand-tied clutch. "Painted Daisies" are dyed in many vibrant colors to make these bouquets hot!

Do not expect to have a fragrant bouquet with using this type of wedding flower. They have very little smell to them at all.

Daisies usually come in white, yellow, lavender and many specially dyed colors.

Since dying flowers can be rather messy - I would order the flowers if I were you instead of dying them myself. Another option is flower paint especially formulated for use on delicate flower petals. Daisies are hardy and hold up well to tinting with flower paint.

The bouquet below on the left is a flower ball using an OASIS netted ball for easy designing. Fresh ivy and a coordinating bow make these dainty bouquets beautiful!

It is a little tricky to get a good hand-tied look with daisies because their stems are woody and don't bend well. Gathering these in your hand can cause a tight "straight up and down" look. But using a Bravo Hand Tied Bouquet holder gives that perfect look, gives the bouquet heads a water source and is super-easy to make!

Wedding Favors for Daisy Theme

Daisy favors can be made from simple packages of Daisy Seeds tied with a dainty bow. Attach a sweet poem and put your names and wedding dates on them.

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