Daisy Wedding Florals

If you use daisies in large wedding florals, it may be necessary to extend the stem so they are longer.  Daisies and other members of the chrysanthemum family sometimes have several shorter laterals on one long stem.  This simply means one stem - shooting off into several sprays of flower heads.

Using a discarded daisy stem, cut the ends evenly with a sharp knife.

The nearer the flower head, the narrower the stem becomes.  You can simply fit the shorter stem into the hollow center of the longer cut off end.

The hollow stem can still pull up water and nourish the smaller daisy stem fitted into it.

This simple little florist trick allows you to separate those clusters of daisy stems on one stalk and spread them out in the floral in different areas.

Place the flower heads randomly throughout the floral, burying some of the heads deeper into the design to give depth and interest.

Again, perfect balance isn't necessary.  Scattering the daisies here and there throughout the design add a charming  element with conservatively priced flowers.

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