Daisy Wedding Bouquets

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These fun daisy wedding bouquets are meant to get your own imagination stirred up and running! Who'd thought that the simple daisy could look so elegant?

Yellow-centered daisies are so sweet mixed with standard carnations. Remember that both carnations and daisies now come in a wide assortment of colors and hues.

Here daisies are combined with elegant Stargazers, a form of Oriental lilies. Mixed in is a little filler in the form of white static.

You can change the look by adding more vibrant colors! Lavender daisies and royal purple static are a lovely foil to pink roses and carnations.

This would be an adorable attendent's bouquet, filled with cheerful yellow daisies and alstromeria.

An elegant curve makes this crescent bouquet stand out from the crowd. The daisies and carnations are backed with green sprengeri fern.

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